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STARS Transportation Domain

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Domain Description:  The transportation domain templates collect data used to allocate dollars to districts based on the District Bus Certification Report.

Submission Schedule:  Required at 80 Day and 120 Day

The Transportation Domain consists of the following templates:

  • Programs Fact  – Identifies which students are receiving transportation/bus services.  1 record per student
  • District Fact – Identifies the following facts:
    1. The number of district school days.  1 record per district
    2. The projected number of students to be transported next year.  1 record per district
    3. The number of school bus assistants employed by the district and contractors.  1 record per district
    4. The number of per capita feeder routes.  1 record per district
    5. Per capita feeder mileage.  1 record per district
    6. The number of eligible students transported that are not included in the “STARS Report”.  1 record per district
  • Vehicle Snapshot – Identifies the details of each vehicle.  1 record per vehicle
  • Vehicle Mileage – Identifies the type of route,  type of road and mileages for the vehicles listed in Vehicle Snapshot.  6 records per vehicle.




Page last updated February 14, 2018