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Current Projects

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The Instructional Material Bureau has multiple projects throughout the year.  If you are interested in participating in any of these current projects and meet the qualification requirements listed, we encourage you to apply.


Current Projects image for 2018 Gov. First Grade Reading IMB Project, chidren raising handsThe Instructional Material Bureau announces the initiative to provide reading books to every first grade student in New Mexico.  If you are a publisher and have titles that are instructive, enjoyable and accessible for our first-grade students, please consider submitting your titles. Review the “First Grade Reading Initiative Memorandum_2018” for information and publisher requirements. If you are interested in reviewing the submitted books and meet the specified qualifications, the Reviewer Application is now available.


The NM Public Education Department Instructional Material Bureau is recruiting teachers to be Reviewers at the 2018 Art & Science Instructional Material Summer Review Institute. This is your chance to participate in the important process for determining if submitted material meets the high-quality standards alignment with NM STEM Ready Science Standards and NM Core Art Standards. Teachers meeting the specified qualifications and attendance requirements are encouraged to apply. Applications must be submitted by March 12, 2018.

Current Projects image of Student art representstion for Art Adoption Current Projects image of Planet Earth from space for SCI IM Adoption


                    Current Projects image for 2018 Teachfest Group of teachers




The 2018 Social Studies Dream Team kickoff was a huge success!!! See what a few of the participating teachers have to say about why this experience is so important to them:

Mr. Ackerman, a World History and Sociology teacher from Roswell High School, is excited about participating because ” The curriculum will become rigorous and engaging.  It will encourage students to think, read, and act like historians, and the activities that we create will engage allCurrent Projects image of NM Social Studies Dream Team working and collaborating students.  It is a push away from the more traditional, teacher-led environment where students begin to take more ownership of their work. “

Ms. Vasquez, a New Mexico History teacher from The ASK Academy, wants everyone to “Imagine getting the opportunity to create engaging lesson plans for a subject that you love and know that the lessons will be shared with all New Mexico teachers. That is exactly the opportunity that I was given by being accepted as part of the Social Studies Dream Team.”

Ms. Wright, a New Mexico History teacher from Chaparral Middle School in Alamogordo, explains “The Dream Team is a big deal for our students, schools, and teacher-leaders because it provides us the opportunity and time to work collaboratively with other experts in our field of expertise to create eighteen cornerstone pieces.  These cornerstones will serve as exemplars for incoming, seasoned, and master teachers alike.”

Teachers looking for additional opportunities for leadership training and involvement can locate information at TEACH REACH NEW MEXICO.

Need more information or don’t see what you are looking for? Contact Jessica Green for assistance.


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