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Licensure Background Information

///Licensure Background Information
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22-10A-5 governs background checks for all licensed school employees, including contracted employees (i.e. instructional support providers). An applicant for initial licensure must be fingerprinted to obtain the applicant’s federal bureau of investigation record. All licensed personnel must have a cleared background check before entering the classroom. Each background is valid for 24 months. If background expires, a new background check must be completed. School districts may request a copy from an NMPED-background during the 24 months. An Application must be submitted in order for a background check to be entered into the licensure system

In-State Applicants

All applicant will need to register at 3M Cogent Information go to:

  • Click on the NM Icon
  • Click on Register Online for a background check
  • Complete the registration
  • ALL initial licensure applicants must use ORI# NM920140Z & Reason Code: TEACHER LICENSURE;
  • Once registration is complete, you will take your receipt to the nearest live scan fingerprint location.
  • Note: Cogent has a fee of $44.00 that you will be required to pay when registering at their site.
  • For detailed instructions, click here.

Out-Of-State Applicants

ONLY Out-of-State Applicants will need to request for a Fingerprint Packet by emailing .

  • Compete the fingerprint packet in your state
  • Mail fingerprint cards to Cogent ID in California. (Information will be in fingerprint packet)
  • Note: Cogent has a fee of $44.00 that you will be required to pay when registering at their site.
  • This process could take 12 weeks.

Background Forms

Request Copy of Backgroud Check Report 

NMPED Background does not accept completed backgrounds from other states or agencies.

NOTE: When registering with Cogent, you must select “Teacher Licensure” with ORI# NM920140Z, regardless of the type of license you are seeking. Failure to do so will result in a loss of your background check fee and a delay in the processing of your application. Applications will not be processed without a criminal background check done for “teacher licensure.”

Page last updated January 2, 2018