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Recently Adopted Rule

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Issues of the New Mexico Register featured below contain rules that have been adopted into administrative code (rule) by the Public Education Department.  For full issues of the NM Register, please visit the New Mexico Register webpage.



NM Register XXVIII, Issue 23

6.19.6 NMAC: Title I Supplemental Educational Services
6.61.12 NMAC: Licensure in Early Childhood Education, Pre-K-Grade 3


NM Register XXVIII, Issue 21

6.29.10: New Mexico STEM – Ready Science Standards


NM Register XXVIII, Issue 20

6.41.4 NMAC: Standards for Providing Transportation for Eligible Students


NM Register XXVIII, Issue 18

6.61.2: Licensure in Elementary Education, Grades K -8
6.61.3: Licensure in Middle Level Education, Grades 5 – 9
6.61.4: Licensure in Secondary Education, Grades 7 – 12
6.61.5: Licensure for Grades Pre-K – 12
6.61.6: Licensure in Special Education Pre-K – 12
6.61.7: Licensure in Secondary Vocational-Technical Education
6.61.8: Licensure in Early Childhood Education, Birth – Grade Three
6.61.10: Teachers of Students with Blindness/Visual Impairments Birth – Grade 12
6.61.11: Licensure in Early Childhood Education, Birth – Pre-K
6.63.15: Licensure for School Health Assistants, Grades Pre-K – 12
6.63.16: Licensure for School Licensed Practical Nurses, Grades Pre-K -12


NM Register XXVIII, Issue 17

6.29.8: World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages


NM Register XXVIII, Issue 15

6.69.2: Unsatisfactory Work Performance of Certified (Licensed) School Personnel
6.69.8:Teacher and School Leader Effectiveness
6.60.6: Continuing Licensure for Licensed Educators in New Mexico


NM Register XXVIII, Issue 14

6.80.5: Charter School Governing Body Training Requirements General Provisions Charter School Application and Appeal Requirements


NM Register XXVIII, Issue 4

6.29.15: Primary and Secondary Education-Standards for Excellence-Spanish Language Arts Common Core Standards
6.29.16: Primary and Secondary Education-Standards for Excellence-Spanish Language Development
6.29.1: Primary and Secondary Education-General Provisions


NM Register XXVIII, Issue 1 Children with Disabilities/Gifted Children


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