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Principals Pursuing Excellence (PPE)

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“Exceptional school leaders succeed because of how they use their time: what they do, and how and when they do it.”

-Paul Bambrick-Santoyo, Leverage Leadership


Principals Pursuing Excellence (PPE) is a two-year program aimed at leveraging the expertise of New Mexico’s educational leaders to support and empower New Mexico’s school leaders as they work to dramatically improve student achievement in their schools.

PPE is…

  • Focused on building leadership capacity in New Mexico’s schools and districts
  • Multilayered professional development and mentorship to mentee school leaders

PPE Theory of Action:

If we strengthen the competencies of leaders to transform districts and schools, then they will have the capacity to take bold and purposeful action.

If leaders take bold and purposeful action, then they establish the conditions for effective teaching and learning.

If the conditions for effective teaching and learning are established, then teachers will have the opportunity to improve instructional practice.

If teachers improve instructional practice, then student learning will increase.


For more information regarding the program’s selection process, please refer to the PPE Project Overview. PPE Cohort 6 applications will be posted to the Priority Schools web page mid-January 2018.

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