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Who is eligible for TPE?

Districts and schools who have completed at least one year of PPE or UVA are eligible to apply.

Why were we selected?

Through the application process the LEA demonstrated a commitment to the systems and processes introduced through PPE.

What is the time commitment required for teacher participation?

In order to respect instructional time, teachers will be brought in for professional development on weekends three times throughout the year. Ongoing onsite mentorship and coaching will occur during the workday. Additional time to reinforce learning is at the discretion of the district, principal or mentor and is covered as part of the stipend.

Will teachers receive compensation for participating in TPE?

All teachers and onsite team members will receive stipends contingent on their full participation in the TPE project.

What is the Teacher Learning Plan?

The Teacher Learning Plan or TLP is the goal setting document for teachers in TPE. The TLP takes the place of the PDP or PGP and is a required component of TPE.

Who is responsible for co-creating and approving the TLP?

The principal, as evaluator, is responsible for approving the TLP. TLPs should be created jointly by the teacher and school principal.

Which teachers will receive mentorship and why?

Teachers rated Minimally Effective or Ineffective on their summative evaluation will receive mentorship. These teachers will receive intensive support in accomplishing the goals set out in their TLP.

What support do teachers rated Effective, Highly Effective or Exemplary receive?

All teachers will participate in targeted professional development. Teachers rated Effective or above will continue to receive support from their school and LEA leadership.

How are mentors identified?

LEA leadership may identify internal Highly Effective teachers to serve as mentors. External mentors may also be used to support Minimally Effective or Ineffective teachers. Mentors will respect the confidentiality of the Mentee’s NM TEACH data and the Teacher Learning Plan.

Do mentors receive training?

In order to better support mentees; mentors are provided Coaching Continuum training.


Page last updated January 3, 2018