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TPE Project Structure

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TPE Project Structure:

The PED/Priority Schools Bureau (PSB) will provide direction and communicate expectations for dramatic change in student achievement through the TPE mentorship project. PED/PSB will provide targeted professional development to all roles throughout the year and coordinate all aspects of the project.

The LEA will ensure the conditions are in place at the district and school level to support turnaround. LEA leadership will message expectations for the project to teachers and other stakeholders, including use of the TPE Learning Plan (PDP/PGP).

The Onsite Support Team is comprised of the Onsite Support Team Leader, LEA Representative, Principal, Assistant Principal, any Instructional Coaches, and up to five Mentors depending on the number of Minimally Effective/Ineffective teacher Mentees. The Onsite Support Team uses NM TEACH evaluation ratings, student achievement data, and the LEA Self-Assessment to customize support for teachers as they work to accomplish their Learning Plans. The Onsite Support Team, in conjunction with PSB, facilitates improved systems and structures to support teacher development by building LEA data-driven infrastructure, talent management, instructional infrastructure, observation and feedback. The Onsite Support Team Leader acts as a liaison between the PED and all structures in TPE and keeps the project moving forward in their assigned district.

The Mentor differentiates onsite and distance support and coaching to Mentee teachers to support them in reaching their Learning Plan goals.

The Mentee teacher accesses support from the Mentor to accomplish their Learning Plan goals and participates in all TPE professional development.

All roles, including Superintendents and District Leadership, participate in cohort convenings to further cultivate the competencies and skills of all teachers.

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