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Standard Operating Procedures Manual: Deliverables

////Standard Operating Procedures Manual: Deliverables
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This Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manual was developed under a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. However, the contents of this manual do not necessarily represent the policy of the U.S. Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government (EDGAR § 75.620).


Deliverables: What is due? When, why and how should it be completed?

1 . The Deliverables Calendar FY18 outlines all required deliverables throughout the academic year and also provides an overview of technical assistance offered at the state level.

2.  When setting up the database each year, use this EZReports Checklist to review nine items for accuracy at the sub-grantee level, and 16 items for accuracy at the learning center level

3.  Program Assurance Forms are completed annually.  These assurances outline grant expectations and require signatures from various 21st CCLC team members. . 

4.  A PED-approved  Subcontractor Assurance Form MUST be on file for every 21st CCLC subcontractor. 21st CCLC funds may be used to enter into subcontracting agreements for the provision of program activities that are beyond the capacity of the sub-grantee.  Funds for services provided by subcontractors typically include direct instruction for students, professional development for instructors, and evening learning sessions for families

5.  The Family Handbook Documentation must be submitted at the start of each academic year.

6.  The Team Member Handbook Documentation, must be submitted at the start of each academic year.

7.  Surveys are completed by students, families, and 21st CCLC team members twice each year. Traditional learning day teachers are asked to complete surveys at the close of the spring semester.

8.  Communication Documentation must be submitted twice each year, once in the fall, and again in the spring.  This includes private school communication and learning center newsletters.

9.  Observations should be completed by the program director for each learning center each semester using the linked Observation Formif a structured format is preferred   during a site visit, feel free to printout the Observation Notes document, then transfer the notes to the Observation Form.

10. The Program Partnership Guide outlines procedures for recording partnerships with volunteers and subcontractors in the EZReports database.  All partnerships should be recorded each year.

11. The Sustainability Plan Template  should be completed each year, as sub-grantees work toward sustainability during the current four-year funding cycle

12.  Semiannual Report: This template contains both the “Spring Action Plan” and the “Continuation Report”. Use the “GRADES” template  for learning centers that record and track student academic growth through report cards. Use the “ASSESSMENTS” template  for learning centers that record and track student academic growth through district selected short-cycle assessments.


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