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Standard Operating Procedures Manual: EZReports

////Standard Operating Procedures Manual: EZReports
Standard Operating Procedures Manual: EZReports 2018-01-12T13:43:26+00:00

Each year, the first eight steps outlined below must be completed in chronological order before attendance can be recorded in the EZReports database.  The additional database guides will assist with the frequently asked questions.

  1. Adding and Dropping Learning Centers
  2. Entering Grant Information
  3. Entering Team Member
  4. Creating Activities
  5. Setting-up Sessions
  6. Entering Student Data
  7. Enrolling Students in Sessions
  8. Taking Attendance
  9. Uploading Documents to EZReports
  10. Grade Data Entry
  11. Short-cycle Assessment Data Entry
  12. Entering Contact Information for Teacher Surveys
  13. Recording Family Events and Field Trips
  14. Entering Subcontractors as Providers or Partners


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