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Results Driven Accountability (RDA)

///Results Driven Accountability (RDA)
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Apple on BooksIDEA B Indicator 17, the State Systemic Improvement Plan

New Mexico’s Results Driven Accountability Project (RDA) meets the requirements of IDEA B Indicator 17, the State Systemic Improvement Plan. RDA is focused on early elementary reading achievement in a subset of public elementary schools. The project’s goals include increasing reading achievement for all students in Kindergarten through grade three, with a specific emphasis on students scoring in the lowest quartile. The project is a collaborative effort among the Title I Bureau, the Special Education Bureau, the Literacy Bureau, the Priority Schools Bureau, Parents Reaching Out (PRO), Education for Parents of Indian Children with Special Needs (EPICS), Eastern New Mexico University, REC #6, REC #7, and REC #8.

RDA schools are provided professional development, coaching, technical assistance, and additional funds to support school improvement targeted to early elementary reading achievement.

For more information on RDA, please see the NM State Systemic Improvement Plan

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