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27     TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

includes up to 6 hours of any foreign language other than English (i.e. 6 hours of Spanish, Navajo, French, German), methods for teaching English as a second language, culture (i.e. History of Southwest, Literature of the Southwest, education across cultures, cultural anthropology), English linguistics or phonetics, English grammar, assessment and parent/community involvement. Basic English composition courses are not acceptable for the grammar competency.


Click here for CKA: TESOL exam


  • Beginning teachers adding the endorsement to an initial license must satisfy the requirements for the license which include 24-36 semester hours in TESOL and pass the Content Knowledge Assessment (CKA) in TESOL.


  • Teachers seeking to add the endorsement to an existing NM teaching license of any level can either:
    • Pass the CKA in TESOL; predecessor or comparable exam; and

    • Earn 12 semester hours of credit in TESOL; 6 hours which must be in a language other than English; 6 hours which must be upper division or post- BA credits in the competencies of knowledge of culture & diversity, knowledge of subject matter, meaningful learning through multiple paths to knowledge and assessment; or
    • Earn 24-36 semester hours of credit in TESOL (12 of the hours must be upper division credit if adding the endorsement to a secondary or pre k-12 specialty license. 6 hours which must be in a language other than English); or
    • Be certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards in TESOL.



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