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Bilingual Multicultural Education Programs (BMEPs)

ADA-BMEP_PD_Guidance_Memo_09.28.2016Developing proficiency in two or more languages for New Mexico students has been the commitment of New Mexico educators, legislators, and other government leaders since the state constitution was approved in 1911. Since that time, our state has been and continues to be, a leader in the nation. New Mexico is the first state in the US to have a bilingual multicult [...]

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Bilingual Multicultural Education Programs (BMEPs) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Understanding New Mexico state-funded BMEPs State-funded BMEPs goals are for all students, including English Learners (ELs), to: become bilingual and biliterate in English and a second language, including Spanish, a Native American language, where a written form exists and there is tribal approval, or another language; and meet state academic content standards and benchmarks in all subject areas [...]

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State Bilingual Advisory Council (SBAC)

Name    Position    District/Region    Phone Number    Email Address Dr. Berlinda Begay Bilingual Director Central Consolidated School District (505) 368-5175 Mr. Armando Chavez Principal Deming Public Schools (575) 313-3665 Ms. Viridiana Cisneros Teacher Albuquerque Public Schools (505) 363-2830 Ms. Karen Dondelinger [...]

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Bilingual Education

67- Licensure Code NOTE: If an elementary teacher is seeking a bilingual endorsement they must obtain or have a TESOL endorsement. If a secondary or pre k-12 teacher is seeking a bilingual endorsement they must obtain or have endorsements in TESOL and Modern, Classical & Native Language. Beginning Teacher Pathway Beginning teachers adding the endorsement to an initial license must satisfy the [...]

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Bilingual Multicultural Education Program (BMEP) Reports and Resources

2017-2018 BMEP Annual Report 2014-2015 BMEP Annual Report 2011-2012 BMEP Annual Report 2016-2017 BMEP Annual Report 2013-2014 BMEP Annual Report 2015-2016 BMEP Annual Report 2012-2013 BMEP Annual Report Bilingual Education Day 2020 at the NM State Legislature New Mexico Content Standards English Language Arts Common Core Standards 6.29.13 NMAC Literacy, Humanities & Ear [...]

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State Seal of Bilingualism-Biliteracy

A tribe may certify that a student is proficient in the tribal language. Tribes will develop the methods and processes for determining proficiency in their respective tribal languages. A student may demonstrate proficiency by meeting both the units of credit and assessment requirements. (1) The student must receive a grade of C or higher in four units of credit in a language other than Englis [...]

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Spring 2020 Assessments: ·       During this time of closure, District Test Coordinators, School Test Coordinators, Test Administrators, or other school staff need not focus on any assessment related activities and focus on local school and community needs. ·       During the closure period, any pertinent assessment communications will be streamlined with other PED communications. ·       The Asse [...]

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PEC Districts and Charter School Directory

District 1: Ricardo Caballero 1. Albuquerque Collegiate Charter School 2. Albuquerque Bilingual Academy (formerly La Promesa Early Learning Center) 3. Horizon Academy West 4. Mission Achievement and Success 2.0 5. Southwest Aeronautics, Mathematics, and Science Academy (SAMS) District 2: David L. Robbins 6. Albuquerque School of Excellence 7. Gilbert L. Sena Charter High School (No Longer a State [...]

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