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End of Course Exams

End of Course Exams 2019-11-15T16:01:08-07:00

“Assessments created by New Mexico teachers for New Mexico students.”

Beginning in the 2019-20 school year, End-of-Course Exams (EoCs) are no longer required. Only high school reading, writing, math, science, and social studies EoCs will be available on the NMEPIC platform for schools and districts to use for students needing to demonstrate competency for graduation (other options are available for demonstrating competency). The PED Assessment Bureau will make other EoCs (e.g., other grade levels and courses) available for local use upon request.

NMEPIC Technical Support Desk
Adam Rios
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General EoC Resources

Policy and Participation

Resources for NMEPIC CBT

2019-20 Blueprints

EoC Blueprints


EoC Exams FAQ

EoC Policy FAQs

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NMEPIC Login- Practice Test & Repository



2019-20 EoC Course Linkages

2018-19 EOC Course Linkages

EOC Fact Sheet

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Quick Guides for NMEPIC Users

Quick Guides for NMEPIC Users

2019-20 Master EoC List

2018-19 Master EOC List

EOC Passing Scores

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Technical Specifications for NMEPIC

Technical Specifications for NMEPIC

Paper-Based Directions for Administration
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Computer-Based Directions for Administration
Coming Soon!Computer Based Directions for Administration


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