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New Mexico Alternate Performance Assessment

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The purpose of the New Mexico Alternate Performance Assessment (NMAPA) is to maximize access to the general education curriculum for students with significant cognitive disabilities, ensure that all students with disabilities are included in New Mexico’s statewide assessment and accountability programs, and direct instruction in the classroom by providing important pedagogical expectations and data that guide classroom decisions. The NMAPA is only for those students with documented significant cognitive disabilities and adaptive behavior deficits who require extensive support across multiple settings (such as home, school, and community).

The NMAPA is designed to measure the performance of a small subpopulation of students with significant cognitive disabilities against the New Mexico Extended Grade Band Expectations (EGBEs) and the Common Core Extended Grade Band Expectations (CCEGBEs). The test was designed to assist educators, parents, and related service providers with determining the level of academic skill the students have attained up to the point of assessment.

Visit the NMAPA Portal for more information about the assessment.


Page last updated March 23, 2018