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Basic Grant Information & Application

Basic Grant Information & Application 2019-01-31T10:49:31-07:00

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Federal funds are available to help provide career and technical education programs and services. Basic Perkins grants help schools and districts offer programs that develop the academic and technical skills of students at secondary and postsecondary institutions. Funds from these grants can be used for a broad range of programs, services, and activities designed to improve career technical education programs.



To be eligible for a grant, applicants must operate a career technical education program that:

  • Strengthens the academic and technical skills of students participating in career technical education programs
  • Integrates core academic subjects into technical education programs through an aligned sequence of courses
  • Provides students with experience and a comprehensive understanding of a career cluster
  • Develops, improves, or expands the use of technology in technical education
  • Provides professional development programs to teachers, counselors, and administrators
  • Develops and implements evaluations of the technical education programs carried out with grant funds
  • Initiates, improves, expands, and modernizes quality career technical education programs
  • Provides services and activities that are of sufficient size, scope, and quality
  • Links secondary technical education with postsecondary technical education programs


Every application for funding under Perkins IV must clearly address the requirements of:

By meeting these requirements, applications should be in compliance with state and federal laws, while also demonstrating that the applicant contributes to the vision of creating a viable and progressive Career Technical Education system in New Mexico.


The link below provides guidance and access to your institution’s School Year 2019-20 Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act (Perkins IV) Basic Grant Application submission. The deadline for submitting the application is March 31, 2019.

Local Perkins project directors have been provided with a username and password. If you have an account, please click on the following link to access the Basic Grant Application portal:

Click here for the application to the 2019-20 Perkins Basic Grant (DUE 03/31/2019)

If you have not applied for a Perkins grant, you will need to contact the New Mexico Public Education Department, College and Career Readiness Bureau (CCRB) to have an account created for your institution. Please contact the CCRB staff for more information and assistance.

Page last updated January 31, 2019