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Early Warning System

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An Early Warning System (EWS) uses readily available data to alert teachers and administrators to students who are on the pathway to dropping out.  A key benefit of early warning systems is that they help educators to know what to look for among the mountains of data about students.  New Mexico’s Early Dropout Warning System begins identifying key factors, which may impact a student’s ability to graduate, as early as third grade. Some key factors in the EWS include:

  • Third grade reading proficiency rate;
  • Middle school truancy (absenteeism) rate;
  • Middle school course failures;
  • Ninth grade truancy (absenteeism) rate
  • Ninth grade GPA below 1.5; and
  • Failure of any core courses during the ninth grade year.

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  • Contact Ms. Barbara Armijo, Education Administrator, PED Career and College Readiness Bureau, at 505-827-8006.
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