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Community Schools Grant

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A note from the NMPED Community Schools Team:

The true essence of this grant is to provide support for a strategy of a new way of doing school. It takes time and intention for whole school transformation. This application should be a self-reflection and an honest picture of where your school is at in the transformation process. If your school has gaps in the strategy, be honest so that PED can provide support for your school. This application process is not just about receiving funding, but also creating a technical assistance plan for your success.

Year 1 Planning Grant

A one-year, one time planning grant of up to $50,000 for each eligible public school

Implementation Grant

Annual implementation grants of $150,000 each year for a period of 3 years for each eligible school

Implementation grant years 2 and 3 only need to fill out a budget proposal by April 7th

Implementation Years 2 & 3 Budget

Renewal Grant

At the conclusion of the initial three-year grant period, applicants may apply for a renewal grant for one year in an amount determined by the department

“Community Schools Statute”, CH. 22, ART. 32 NMSA 1978

Budget and Finance Guidebook

Community Schools Grant Guidebook

Sample Job Description for the Community Schools Coordinator Position

NMPED CS Grant Presentation

Community Schools Mandatory Principal Conferences Q&A

1st Annual Community Schools Conference: “Whole School Transformation”

We are excited to announce the 1st Annual Community Schools Conference on May 10th! After many years in virtual settings, we are thrilled to have an in-person gathering. The focus of the conference will be cross-exchange, networking and collaboration of community school’s across the state of New Mexico. Our theme is “Community School Whole School Transformation.” We invite each individual of your team who plans to come to fill out this form. ALL Community Schools (even those without a NMPED grant) are welcome. Registration is free! All NMPED Granted Community Schools (updated list will come out in April on the website) are required to come to this conference. Mandatory attendance is requested for all CS Coordinators or a representative of the SBLT (for planning years). CS Principals are required to attend the 8am-10am session and strongly encouraged to attend the entire conference.


Date: May 10th, 2023

Time: 8 AM to 3 PM (3-4pm sessions are supplemental)

Location: Berna Facio Professional Development Center

3315 Louisiana Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110

Registration form:

A NMPED Community Schools Grant Mandatory Conference will be held in March for each type of grant the principal plans to apply for; these conferences will occur 9am-11am virtually. Once you fill out this form, a calendar invite with the virtual link will be sent to you before the conference. This conference is mandatory for all principals before filling out an application. CS Coordinators are strongly encouraged to attend.

Grant Conference Sign Up

Grant Awards

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2021-2022 Awards

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