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APLI-II Licensure Advancement for Level I Teachers

///APLI-II Licensure Advancement for Level I Teachers
APLI-II Licensure Advancement for Level I Teachers 2022-11-28T11:01:25-07:00

Registration is now open from November 28-December 21, 2022 for the January 2023 Classroom Environment Micro-credential. Register HERE.

Starting in fall 2022, the requirements to advance from a Level I to Level II license will begin to transition from the use of dossiers to the Advancement Program for Level I-Level II (APLI-II). APLI-II is made up of a series of five micro-credentials (Classroom Environment, Multi-Layered Systems of Support, Assessment Literacy, Culturally Linguistically Responsive Instruction, and Family Engagement).

A micro-credential is a competency-based process that is made up of several small “stacked” courses, each focused on a discrete skill or area aligned with the four domains in Elevate NM, the educator evaluation system.

The micro-credential is earned when the stacked courses have been successfully completed, and the educator has demonstrated mastery of the skill or area with a score of 85% or higher. The successful completion of each micro credential will make an educator eligible to progress to the next micro-credential.


QuarterClassroom EnvironmentMulti-Layered Systems of SupportAssessment LiteracyCulturally Linguistically Responsive InstructionFamily Engagement
October 2022X
January 2023XX
April 2023XXX
July 2023XXXX
October 2023XXXXX


Upon completing all five micro-credential courses (mastery 85% or higher) an educator will be eligible to apply for a Level II license upon completing three full school years of teaching experience (minimum of 160 days per year) with successful annual evaluations.


Eligibility for the Advancement Program for Level I-Level II (APLI-II): 

Year 1 & 2 Educators

Year 1 and 2 educators are encouraged to begin APLI-II as soon as they are able because the program was designed to take 1.25 years (5 quarters) to complete. Once this advancement program and three years of teaching have successfully been completed, educators are eligible to receive a Level II license.  

Year 3 & 4 Educators

The Year 3 and 4 educators may choose to participate in APLI-II or can choose to complete a dossier. In choosing to participate in APLI-II, based on the educator’s district deadlines for submitting a Level II license, there could be a difference in when a pay increase could go into effect because the program was designed to take 1.25 years (5 quarters) to complete. A dossier takes one year to complete. 

Year 5 Educators 

Year 5 educators must do dossier in order to complete an advancement program by the end of your fifth year of teaching. 


Level I educators who are eligible to use APLI-II may register here: APLI-II Registration

For more information on Micro-Credential licensure advancement for Level I educators please contact:

Elsy Diaz, Ph.D. | Licensure Advancement Coordinator | C: (505) 487-3852 |

Schedule a meeting: Elsy Diaz Office Hours



Page last updated November 28, 2022