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Educator Evaluation

Educator Evaluation 2021-02-19T14:51:03-07:00

Update on Teacher Evaluation (Elevate NM) for the 2020-2021 School Year:

There will be NO Teacher Evaluation Summative Reports generated by the New Mexico Public Education Department for the school year 2020-2021. This year the New Mexico Public Education Department is asking all educators (both administrators and teachers) to “test drive” the new teacher evaluation called Elevate NM. For more information regarding Elevate NM please click on the links below.

2/17/2021 – Updated Guidance on Elevate NM for Spring 2021 (NEW)

Email us at



*Please Note: Due to the fact that the Frontline Platform will not be ready until the second week in September, we encourage all teachers to complete their Professional Development Plan (PDP) on a Word or Google doc and upload it later to the Frontline platform. We expect PDP’s to be completed by mid-October but the deadline to have them uploaded in Frontline will be Monday, November 2, 2020.



Elevate NM Admin Webinar Training

Webinar Passcode: 2G+UQ#Kr 



All Administrators need to complete the survey after they have watched the Webinar. All administrators who will be conducting formal observations this year and finalizing evaluations will need to complete the survey with their Admin License number (this includes: Principal, Assistant Principals, and anyone with an admin license who might be called to observe a teacher). SURVEY LINK


Elevate NM Training 2020

Guidance for Online Teaching

NSQOTGuidance Frontline Memo - 8.20




Principal Guide to PDP Overview Elevate NM System

PDPpdfPDP doc






New Mexico Educator Evaluation System Task Force Recommendations (PDF)

Task Force appointees (PDF)


Teacher Evaluation Updates 2019 -20 (PDF)

Domain 1: Planning and Preparation (PDF)

Domain 2: Creating an Environment for Learning (PDF)

Domain 3: Teaching for Learning (PDF)

Domain 4: Professionalism (PDF)

Teacher Evaluation Stakeholder Documentation (PDF)

Teacher Evaluation Transition Memo (PDF)

Interim Plan for Feedback and Observation Memo (PDF)

NM Interim Feedback and Observation Plan (PDF)




The NMPED is partnering with the American Federation of Teachers to provide resources and webinars to support educators with improving instructional strategies. There are a lot of resources on this website and they are free to access, however you will need to create a log in. Please note this link directs you to the AFT Share My Lesson website, this is not a PED monitored website. 


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