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Educator Evaluation

Educator Evaluation 2020-07-31T14:15:04-06:00

Elevate NMUpdate on Teacher Evaluation (Elevate NM) for the 2020-2021 School Year:

There will be NO Teacher Evaluation Summative Reports generated by the New Mexico Public Education Department for the school year 2020-2021. This year the New Mexico Public Education Department is asking all educators (both administrators and teachers) to “test drive” the new teacher evaluation called Elevate NM. For more information regarding Elevate NM please click on the links below.

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What’s New

NMPED Educator Evaluation System Final 2020 (PDF) 

Professional Development Plan (PDF)

Domain 1 – 2020-2021: Planning and Preparation (PDF)

Domain 2 – 2020-2021: Creating an Environment for Learning (PDF)

Domain 3 – 2020-2021: Teaching for Learning (PDF)

Domain 4 – 2020-2021: Professionalism (PDF)

New Mexico Educator Evaluation System Task Force Recommendations (PDF)

Task Force appointees (PDF)


Teacher Evaluation Updates 2019 -20 (PDF)

Domain 1: Planning and Preparation (PDF)

Domain 2: Creating an Environment for Learning (PDF)

Domain 3: Teaching for Learning (PDF)

Domain 4: Professionalism (PDF)

Teacher Evaluation Stakeholder Documentation (PDF)

Teacher Evaluation Transition Memo (PDF)

Interim Plan for Feedback and Observation Memo (PDF)

NM Interim Feedback and Observation Plan (PDF)

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