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Calibration for Administrators

Any administrator still needing to calibrate will need to reach out to

Guidance for Elevate NM SY21-22 (updated September 13, 2021, please check back frequently for new updates)

Guidance for Elevate NM School Year 21-22 – PDF  (Link)

Elevate NM-Calendar of Events and Due Dates (Link)


Educator Growth and Development Canvas Catalog (Link)

[For support or help with login, contact:]

See Canvas Supports (Link) for Training Videos

Required for Administrators to Observe Teachers, SY21-22

***Next Administrator Training for New Administrators or Administrators Calibrating will be August 30th – 31st***

(Enroll via Canvas Catalog)

Administrators observing teachers for evaluation purposes in SY21-22 will be required to complete three requirements, two via Canvas–self-paced and one live 3-hour session. 

Step 1: Earn a badge (e-certificate of completion) in our self-paced, asynchronous Elevate NM Training for Administrators Course in Canvas. 

Step 2: Attend one session of the Elevate NM Canvas Training during the week of August 9-13 (10 options available to attend one 3-hour live session). When you have completed the Elevate NM Admin Training course, click this link to register for one 3-hour live session training that is convenient for you:

Step 3: Successfully complete Teacher Evaluation Calibration per state law (in Canvas). You will only be able to access the Calibration once you have completed both the Elevate NM Training Course and attended one (3-hour) live session with Canvas. At the Canvas live training, you will receive information on how to access the Calibration. (Link)

Guidance for Principal Evaluation SY21-22

For the 2021-22 School Year, we will continue to use the HOUSSE forms below for principal evaluation. We anticipate having these forms available on Canvas by September 10, 2021. The NMPED has selected a task force to address the issue of Principal Evaluation; this group will begin meeting in September 2021. While the current forms are not consistent, we look forward to the recommendations that the task force generates this fall. The NMPED Principal Evaluation Task Force will develop a new or revised system for SY22-23.

Principal Evaluation Timelines SY21-22 (Link)





Collecting and Engaging Teachers – Feedback 1 (Hatch Valley Schools, NM – Dr. Toni Hull)








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