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Elevate NM Calendar of Events and Due Date for SY21-22

Due DateElementPerson Responsible
September 17, 20211st WalkthroughAdmin
October 1, 2021
  • Self-Reflection
October 15, 2021BOY PDP – Score and provide feedbackAdmin
December 17, 20211st Observation (Domain 2&3) – Score and provide feedbackAdmin
January 28, 20222nd WalkthroughAdmin
February 11, 2022Upload Lesson Plan for Domain 1Teacher
March 27, 20222nd Observation (Domain 2&3) – Score and provide feedbackAdmin
April 22, 2021
  • Upload artifacts for Domain 4
  • Complete EOY Reflection on PDP
May 6, 2021
  • Domain 4 – Score and provide feedback
  • EOY PDP – Score and provide feedback
May 13, 20223rd WalkthroughAdmin
May 20, 2022Summative Report generated automatically through Canvas, signed by Teacher with a copy given to the teacher and a copy to be placed in HR File.Admin

Educator Growth and Development Canvas Catalog 

Important Elevate NM Update–April 29, 2021

[For support or help with logging in contact:]

Anyone observing teachers for evaluation purposes in SY21-22 will be required to complete three requirements: two via Canvas – self-paced and one live three-hour session. 

Step 1: Earn a badge (e-certificate of completion) in our self-paced, asynchronous Elevate NM Training for Administrators Course in Canvas 

Step 2: Attend one session of the Elevate NM Canvas Training during the week of June 7-11 or August 9-13 (10 options available to attend one 3-hour live session). When you have completed the Elevate NM Admin Training course, click this link to register for one 3-hour live session training that is convenient for you:

[On this page, you will see 10 opportunities (June or August) for the live Canvas training, please register for only one training because space is limited for each session.]

Step 3: Successfully complete Teacher Evaluation Calibration per state law (in Canvas). You will only be able to access the Calibration once you have completed both the Elevate NM Training Course and attended one (3-hour) live session with Canvas. At the Canvas live training you will receive information on how to access the Calibration.


There will be NO Teacher Evaluation Summative Reports generated by the New Mexico Public Education Department for the school year 2020-2021. This year the New Mexico Public Education Department is asking all educators (both administrators and teachers) to “test drive” the new teacher evaluation called Elevate NM. For more information regarding Elevate NM please click on the links below.

Updated Guidance on Elevate NM for Spring 2021 February 17, 2021 

Elevate NM Required Training for Administrators (includes anyone who will be observing and evaluating teachers for SY21-22)



***Deadline to complete all elements for Frontline is Friday, May 28, 2021***

For support with Frontline, please contact



Elevate NM Admin Webinar Training

Webinar Passcode: 2G+UQ#Kr 

All Administrators need to complete the survey after they have watched the Webinar. All administrators who will be conducting formal observations this year and finalizing evaluations will need to complete the survey with their Admin License number (this includes: Principal, Assistant Principals, and anyone with an admin license who might be called to observe a teacher). SURVEY LINK

Elevate NM Training 2020

Guidance for Online Teaching

NSQOTGuidance Frontline Memo - 8.20

Principal Guide to PDP Overview Elevate NM System

PDPpdfPDP doc


Frontline Toolbox Page 

How to Change Username and/or Password in Frontline (Video)

Assigning Tasks in Frontline (Video)

Giving Feedback on the PDP in Frontline (Video)

How to Finalize an Element in Frontline (Video)

How to Send a Form Back to Your Teacher in Frontline (Video)

Pre-K Walkthrough Form (PDF)

Principal Evaluations

Principal Evaluation Timelines 2021 (PDF)

2019-2020 HOUSSE Form A (PDF)

 2019-2020 HOUSSE Form B (PDF)

2019-2020HOUSSE Form C (PDF)

2019-2020 HOUSSE Form D Guidance (PDF)

2019-2020 HOUSSE Form D (PDF)

Archived Documents

Instructions for Accessing Teacher Summative Reports (PDF)

Understanding the 2018 -19 Teacher Evaluation Summative Report (PDF)

Observation Tool Rubric Look-For Quick Guide (PDF)

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