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Pathways to Educator Licensure

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Teacher Education Programs in New Mexico

New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) promotes and supports innovative teacher education programs that ensure the diversity of the teaching profession in New Mexico while filling high-need teaching positions in the state in approved teacher preparation programs at New Mexico public post-secondary educational institutions and tribal colleges.

New Mexico Public Education Department’s vision for Education Preparation Programs (EPPs) is grounded in a dedication to support New Mexico approved EPPs to develop new teachers who understand how learners grow and develop, recognizing that patterns of learning and development vary individually within and across the cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, and physical areas, and designs and implements developmentally appropriate and challenging learning. This bureau promotes and supports efforts to recruit and retain teachers in New Mexico. Grow Your Own Programs, paid student teaching, and paid teacher residency are a few program examples. These programs support new teachers through mentoring, as well as provide financial support.


Paid Teacher Residency 

Programs with paid teacher residency offer a Guided Apprenticeship.

Guided apprenticeship means that the resident co-teaches in the classroom with a level II or level III teacher for a full school year. The resident may not be the teacher of record. The philosophy behind the co-teaching approach is to expose teaching residents to a variety of teaching methods, philosophies, and classroom environment. The University faculty and/or supervisors must visit residency sites at least once per month to monitor progress. Structured support is provided to residents through agency supports as well as support to program completers for a minimum of one year after successful completion of the program. Programs ensure successful completers have full-time employment at the partner district or charter school.


Paid Student Teaching

Paid student teaching is offered in the following NM Institutions. These EPPs aim to ensure the diversity of the teaching profession in New Mexico while filling high-need teaching positions in the state. Each student teacher will qualify for a one-time, one-semester stipend for student teaching.


NM Institutions: Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs) 


NM Institutions: Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs) Paid Teacher Residency Paid Student Teaching
Central New Mexico Community College

Teacher Licensure Info:

Eastern New Mexico University

Teacher Ed Program:

New Mexico Highlands University

School of Education:

New Mexico State University

School of Teacher Preparation:

New Mexico Tech

Department of Psychology and Education:

Northern New Mexico College

Teacher Education:

San Juan College

University of New Mexico

Western New Mexico University

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