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About Troops to Teachers New Mexico

The Troops to Teachers New Mexico Program assists transitioning service members and veterans with meeting the requirements necessary to become teachers, and assists program participants with finding employment as a teacher when eligible. Every eligible New Mexico service member interested in a career in teaching will receive assistance to transition his or her leadership, training, and core values to teaching in kindergarten through grade twelve schools.

New Mexico is experiencing an increasing teacher shortage in critical content areas such as math, science, and special education, as well as in our rural and ever-growing suburban areas. While we have a teacher shortage, we have a population of over 12,000 active duty members of the military and approximately 170,000 military veterans ready to fill the void and support our children.

Troops to Teachers New Mexico focuses on conducting outreach opportunities at New Mexico’s four military bases, and to work with New Mexico Educator Preparation Programs, NM Veterans’ affairs, and the NM Department of Workforce Solutions to support and retain potential military educators. Bonus and stipend money may be available to qualified candidates; contact TTT New Mexico Recruiter for more information.



Robert Faris
Troops to Teachers, New Mexico Recruiter
(720) 646-0952

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