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School Liaison Flyer

The School Liaison program, signed into rule in 2018 focuses on building educator capacity and voice through professional learning, providing educator insight and voice into policy through partnership with policymakers and the Secretary of Education, and networking opportunities for educators across the State of New Mexico to collaborate with one another.

School liaison is a licensed, employed school staff person, not to include school administration, who serves as their school’s representative to facilitate communication between the school and the department.

School liaisons program. The department shall make every effort to have one school liaison in every public school in the state. The school liaison program is a regional model designed to develop a set of teachers who will:

  1. serve as their school’s liaison to disseminate information regarding key policy areas as defined by the federal ESSA;
  2. provide feedback to department policymakers and the secretary;
  3. develop skills to support colleagues’ growth and development; and
  4. gain access to department resources and tools.

Requirements For Teacher Leader Development Engagement

School liaisons. School liaisons must participate in virtual and regional in-person meetings provided and facilitated by the department.

  1. The purpose of the virtual and regional in-person meetings is to:
    1. collaborate with educators across the region;
    2. learn about key policy areas as defined by ESSA;
    3. build instructional content and leadership skills through professional learning opportunities;
    4. network with other teachers; and
    5. develop a community of support.
  2. Virtual meetings facilitated by the department shall occur, at a minimum, once every month. Virtual meetings shall be scheduled to ensure that teacher liaisons will not miss instructional time with students.
  3. Regional meetings shall occur at locations across the state, at a minimum, two times per year. Regional meetings shall be scheduled to ensure that teacher liaisons will not miss instructional time with students nor need to stay overnight.
  4. Virtual and regional meetings shall provide teacher liaisons with resources and information regarding education policy and practice.

Page last updated October 20, 2023