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Teacher Ambassadors 2023-10-20T05:24:30-06:00

Teacher Ambassadors Flyer

Teacher ambassador is a licensed teacher, currently employed by a school or district, who learns about key policy areas as defined by the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), develops a statewide community of support, and creates resources to equip teachers with accurate information.

Requirements For Teacher Leader Development Framework

Teacher ambassadors program. Beginning December 31, 2018, returning applicants shall be given the option to stay in the program for one additional year. The department shall make every effort to begin each year with 55 teacher ambassadors, at a minimum.

  1. Teachers ambassadors are required to complete specific deliverables outlined by the department.
  2. The department shall provide teacher ambassadors with a stipend.

Requirements For Teacher Leader Development Engagement

Teacher ambassadors.

  1. Teacher ambassadors shall participate in quarterly in-person meetings annually hosted by the department.
  2. The in-person meetings shall provide opportunities to learn about and discuss education policy and practice.

Page last updated October 20, 2023