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Indigenous New Mexico Curriculum Initiative

///Indigenous New Mexico Curriculum Initiative
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Project Goals

  • Incorporate Native history and culture connections within the NM social studies standards
  • Become a “curriculum clearinghouse”  of existing resources for NM educators
  • Develop new curricula and resources to support the teaching and learning of Native American history and culture in New Mexico schools

The Indian Education Act was adopted by the State of New Mexico in 2003. The Act in New Mexico mandates that learning environments and instructional materials are culturally relevant for indigenous students and equitable to those in schools with populations more representative of the dominant cultures (Caucasian and Hispanic).

In the fall of 2016, the effort to create curriculum that accurately and appropriately represents the 23 tribes of N.M. began. This project is grounded grassroots, tribal stakeholder participation and embeds cultural and historical checks and balances through collaboration between tribe members and the state. Currently, the goals of the Indian Education Curriculum Initiative (IECI) are to incorporate Native history and cultural connections within the N.M. social studies standards, to become a “curriculum clearinghouse” of existing resources for N.M. educators and to develop new curricula and resources to support the teaching and learning of Native American history and culture in New Mexico schools.

Curriculum Lead Team

  • Dr. Christine Sims –  Pueblo of Acoma
  • Dr. Natalie Martinez – Pueblo of Laguna
  • Dr. Glenabah Martinez – Pueblo of Taos/Diné
  • Maggie Benally – Diné
  • Marsha Hubbell-Espinosa – Diné
  • Lynn Roanhorse – Jicarilla Apache
  • Rosalinda Baeza  –  Mescalero Apache
  • Berdine Largo –   Mescalero Apache

Seeking Curriculum Writers, please see IED RFP’s, BIDs, and Contract Positions page.

Upcoming Events

October 27, 2018                  High School and Middle School Teacher PD Session  registration link

February 16-17, 2018         Grades 5-8 Lead writer session to begin work in Unit One.

March 8-10, 2018                Grades 5-8 Curriculum Writing Institute – includes high school teams working face-to-face as well. Lead Team meeting.

April 20-21, 2018                Work Session for grades 5-8 curriculum development (aligning existing lessons to standards – MT, WA, PBS, etc. as with high school).


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