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Student Needs Assessment will need to be completed by historically defined Indian impacted school districts to determine what supports are needed in school, at home, and in the community to help American Indian and Alaska Native students succeed in school, graduate with a diploma of excellence, and be prepared to enter post-secondary education or the workplace.

Additional Training and Resources


Integrating an American Indian Student Needs Assessment Survey into Your Current or New Initiatives

Guide to Conducting a Needs Assessment for American Indian Students

End of Year Reporting Webinar

Needs Assessment Presentation by NMPED’s Indian Education Division and Indian Education Division and Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Western Educational Equity Assistance Center (PDF)

Comprehensive Needs Assessment: Gap Analysis Presentation (PDF)

An Educator’s Guide to Questionnaire Development (PDF)

Sound education policy and practice may require decisions based on new information collected on attitudes, perceptions, or facts in a school or community. This guide offers a five-step process to design effective questionnaires that follow research based guidelines and can be used to survey students, teachers, or parents. It also lists resources on sample selection, questionnaire administration, and data collection, analysis, and presentation.

IE Indian Education Act Reporting Manual (PDF)

Indian Education Act: Needs Assessment-Systemic Framework Reference Chart (PDF)

This chart is a quick reference guide for the IEA Needs Assessment-Systemic framework to include programs, services, culturally relevant activities and professional development that need to be provided to improve Indian education

Educator’s Guide to Collecting and Using Data: Conducting Focus Group Research (PDF)

A Guide for Comprehensive Needs Assessment (PDF)

The target goals for reading and math for the different subgroups were established in the NM ESSA plan in 2019 (click here to view) and begin on page 8.  There are also interim goals and measures of progress starting on page 17 of the ESSA plan.  There are also target goals for graduation in the ESSA plan starting on page 24 – for an adjusted cohort graduation rate.

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