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Bilingual Multicultural Education Programs (BMEPs)

///Bilingual Multicultural Education Programs (BMEPs)
Bilingual Multicultural Education Programs (BMEPs) 2020-09-16T10:48:38-06:00

ADA-BMEP_PD_Guidance_Memo_09.28.2016Developing proficiency in two or more languages for New Mexico students has been the commitment of New Mexico educators, legislators, and other government leaders since the state constitution was approved in 1911. Since that time, our state has been and continues to be, a leader in the nation. New Mexico is the first state in the US to have a bilingual multicultural education law, passing the Bilingual Multicultural Education Act of 1973. The law was expanded in 2004 and stands as an exceptional national model for state legislation. This law and many other initiatives have truly made New Mexico an “English Plus” state in policy and practice (the New Mexico English Plus Resolution was adopted in 1989).


Bilingual Multicultural Education Act

New Mexico State Statute: 22-23-1

Guidelines For Implementing BMEPs

New Mexico Administrative Code: 6.32.2

BMEP Technical Assistance Manual 2016

Bilingual Multicultural Education Act Article 2322-23-1 NMSA 1978BMEP Technical Assistance Manual

BMEP Professional Development Guidance 09.28.16

BMEP Instructional Time, Requirements, and Models

BMEP Requirements

BMEP Professional Development Guidance Memo 09.28.2016

BMEP Instructional Time, Requirements, and ModelsBMEP Endorsement Requirements

WIDA_2013_SLD_ENGLISH The Spanish Language Development Standards

WIDA_SLD_Spanish Estándares del desarrollo del lenguaje español

BMEP Frequently Asked Questions
WIDA_2013_SLD_ENGLISH The Spanish Language Development StandardsWIDA_SLD_Spanish Estándares del desarrollo del lenguaje españolBilingual Multicultural Education Program Frequently Asked Questions

Initial BMEP Endorsement Waiver

BMEP Endorsement Waiver Renewal Request

BMEP Waiver Cover
BMEP Waiver Cover

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