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Hispanic Education Advisory Council

Hispanic Education Advisory Council 2022-01-24T10:30:08-07:00

HEAC Bylaws 7.23.18

A. The “Hispanic education advisory council” is created as an advisory council to the secretary. The council shall advise the secretary on matters related to improving public school education for Hispanic students, increasing parent involvement and community engagement in the education of Hispanic students and increasing the number of Hispanic high school graduates who succeed in post-secondary academic, professional or vocational education.

B. The secretary shall appoint no more than twenty-three members to the council who are knowledgeable about and interested in the education of Hispanic students, including representatives of public schools; post-secondary education and teacher preparation programs; parents; Hispanic cultural, community and business organizations; other community and business organizations; and other interested persons. The secretary shall give due regard to geographic representation. Members shall serve at the pleasure of the secretary.

C. The council shall elect a chairperson and such other officers as it deems necessary.

D. The council shall meet as necessary, but at least twice each year.

E. The council shall advise the secretary on matters related to Hispanic education in New Mexico.

F. Members of the council shall not receive per diem and mileage or other compensation for their services.

Hispanic Advisory Council MemberEmail Address
Abenicio E.
Alisa Cooper de Uribe,
Rose Marie A.
Marlene Melendez,
Veronica M. Vigil

Hispanic Education Advisory Council Meetings

Quarterly Meeting Schedule

Meeting OneMeeting TwoMeeting ThreeMeeting Four
Location TBDLocation TBDLocation TBDLocation TBD
Time TBDTime TBDTime TBDTime TBD
Purpose: To review legislative session outcomes as related to current advisement(s) to the Secretary of Education.Purpose: A work session with select stakeholders to prepare advisement(s) and/or updates for the Secretary of Education.Purpose: To present advisement(s) and/or updates to Secretary of Education as required by statute.Purpose: To review the status HEAC advisement(s) accepted by the Secretary of Education and the Hispanic Education Status Report.

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