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Hispanic Education Advisory Council Meetings

Hispanic Education Advisory Council Meetings 2018-07-23T09:54:57-06:00

2018-2019 Quarterly Meeting Schedule

 Meeting OneMeeting TwoMeeting ThreeMeeting Four
Location TBDLocation TBDLocation TBDLocation TBD
Purpose: To review legislative session outcomes as related to current advisement(s) to the Secretary of Education.Purpose: A work session with select stakeholders to prepare advisement(s) and/or updates for the Secretary of Education.Purpose: To present advisement(s) and/or updates to Secretary of Education as required by statute.Purpose: To review the status HEAC advisement(s) accepted by the Secretary of Education and the Hispanic Education Status Report.

Notes Meeting One Coming Soon

Notes Meeting Two Coming Soon

Notes Meeting Three Coming Soon

Notes Meeting Four Coming Soon

HEAC Advisement Package 2017-2018

HEAC Advisement Package 2016-2017

HEAC Advisement Package 2015-2016

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