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Step 2: Digital Content

Content driven by New Mexico Educators

Once all steps have been completed in the Software Systems Checklist you can start populating content in your Canvas LMS installation.

Digital Content Options

High-Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM) are content-rich, fully accessible, culturally and linguistically relevant, free from bias, research-based, and aligned to New Mexico state standards. They are written with clear purpose, effective lesson structure, and pacing to provide flexibility for teachers to best suit the learning styles of all students, encouraging inquiry and curiosity. HQIM may also provide a variety of relevant assessments to equip teachers with professional tools to evaluate student comprehension of the content and provide deeper understanding of the standards.

Option 1

Using locally-adopted high-quality instructional materials (HQIM), whether open educational resources (OER) or by working with publishers to integrate digital content, teachers can follow guidance for implementing or creating content.

Resources: New Mexico Instructional Scope, Canvas Course Evaluation Checklist, SETDA Digital Content Recommendations, PED Reviewed & Scored Core Math Materials w/LMS Compatibility

Option 2

Use or modify content from high-quality State-acquired Open Education Resources (OERs)

Core Instructional Materials: Illustrative Math (6–HS), EngageNY (K–12), others through vetting process; Currently PED is working to provide both Illustrative Math and EngageNY within the New Mexico Canvas Consortium, allowing LEAs to access OERs within their local Canvas instances.

Please note: Zearn (K–5 Math) is a high-quality OER that has been state adopted and can be accessed external of the LMS.

Option 3

Vet and use shared high-quality content created by existing New Mexico Canvas users

Resources: Achieve OER Rubrics, Achieve EQuIP Rubric

Option 4

Vet and use high-quality content from Canvas Commons

Resources: Achieve OER Rubrics, Achieve EQuIP Rubric

State-Acquired OERs

The state of New Mexico Public Education Department is in the process of acquiring Open Education Resources (OERs) for use in the classroom. These are high quality instruction materials that will provide schools a jump start in building out digital lessons.

Materials that have been acquired and are available on Canvas can be viewed through the New Mexico Canvas Consortium.

Existing New Mexico Canvas Users

NMPED is actively compiling these resources with participating districts. If you’d like to participate in providing high quality materials contact us at

Canvas Commons

Canvas Commons is a learning object repository that enables educators to find, import, and share resources. Using Commons, instructors can share content with other teachers and departments, among other schools, and with worldwide Canvas instructors. Instructors can also import course content from a variety of sources for course creation. An instructor can modify imported content to best fit the needs of their students.

Step 3: Professional Development

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