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Software Systems

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Step 1: Software Systems

Canvas LMS is an open and reliable web-based software that allows institutions to manage digital learning, educators to create and present online learning materials and assess student learning, and students to engage in courses and receive feedback about skill development and learning achievement. While Canvas is primarily a web-based software, any user can access Canvas on a mobile device from the Canvas Teacher, Canvas Student, and Canvas Parent apps.

For a breakdown of what Canvas LMS is, see What is Canvas?
For a full basics guide, see the Canvas Basics Guide
For a current list of the technical requirements, see Technical Requirements

Software Systems Success Checklist

Software Support

Project Consultant Team Customer Success Team Canvas Support Team
Contact For:

Technical Items (i.e. SIS Data Provisioning, Authentication, Branding)
Contact For:

Onboarding Items (i.e. Training, Support, Engagement, LTI, Enablement, Contractual Questions)
Contact For:

How-tos, technical issues or bugs, and all other questions


To be onboarded you must be registered with the implementation form and have been contacted by the Customer Success Team. Onboarding takes place every Monday lead by the Customer Success Team. If you have registered and have not received an invite, contact the Customer Success Team.

Once the onboarding session with the Customer Success Team has been completed, the self-paced onboarding process may be handled at an accelerated pace.

Step 2: Digital Content

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