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A nonrenewable, 2-year license granted to allow a person to simultaneously complete required teaching of reading courses and complete required teacher exams while teaching at a New Mexico Public School District that utilizes the NMTEACH Summative Evaluation as an evaluation tool for teachers. The Alternative NMTEACH Program allows an alternative teacher to teach at a school district for 2 years while being mentored and evaluated by the school district using the summative evaluation. The NMTEACH Educator Effectiveness system is a rigorous, uniform observation protocol, providing immediate constructive feedback, using meaningful student data, and other multiple measures that provide valuable information to aid the personal development and growth of each teacher and principal. There are four main performance areas that NMTEACH measures: how teachers support a student’s opportunity to learn, how teachers impact student achievement, the quality of the instruction in the classroom, and teacher professionalism.

The Alternative NMTEACH Program is a program that is set up for individuals who obtained a bachelor’s degree in a non-traditional education program and is interested in teaching.

Initial License

  • $150 fee, cashier’s check or money order; and
  • Alternative Application; and
  • Official sealed transcripts Bachelor’s Degree including 30 semester hours, Master’s Degree including 12 graduate hours, or Doctoral Degree in a teaching field; and
  • A letter of interest to undergo the NMTEACH alternative process; and
  • A letter from district supporting request for educator to undergo the NMTEACH alternative process (Must be on a school district letterhead).

Alternative Application

Alternative License NMAC Code

Extension of License

  • If  you need additional time to complete coursework, exam(s); by the month May of expiring year, please submit the following:
    • Submit form for extension from school district and/or post secondary. (School districts will have extension request form)

Alternative License NMAC Code

Upon completion of the program, the candidate must submit the following documents to obtain full level **1 licensure:

  • Two consecutive NMTEACH Summative Evaluations with a rating of Effective, Highly Effective or Exemplary overall
  • Official sealed transcripts reflecting course work
  • Copy of passing teacher exams

**You will be granted the remaining number of years to your license. Your license will still remain an alternative license; however, the number of years will reflect the level 1 teaching license. The word alternative and the five years on your license indicates that you successfully completed an alternative program.

Your application will be returned if:

  • The application is not completely filled out, lacking a signature/date; or
  • The money order is not completely filled out or signed. The Professional Licensure Bureau does not accept other forms of payment.

Delay of application:

  • Your application is lacking supporting documents listed in the above check list; or
  • If your license(s) has expired (and you do not have additional valid licenses on file), and your background was completed 24 months or more, you will need to complete a new background.

NM PED Correspondence with Educators:

  • Consultants correspond by email; please check your spam/junk folder.

Teacher Testing Requirements

Early Childhood, Birth-3:

Elementary, K-8:

Secondary, 7-12:

Special Education, Pre K-12:

Specialty Grades Pre K-12:

NM PED Licensure Transcripts Information

  •  Official Transcripts: Transcripts must be sealed and addressed to 300 Don Gaspar, Santa Fe, NM  87501 OR E-scripts can be sent by the university(s) to the attention of NMPED at the following email address
  • Official Foreign Transcripts Evaluations: Transcripts must be sealed and addressed to 300 Don Gaspar, Santa Fe, NM  87501 (we only accept mailed foreign transcripts evaluation).
    • All foreign transcripts need to have a course-by-course evaluation completed. Click Here for a list of evaluators who are members of the Foreign Transcript Evaluation Services (NCAES). The Public Education Department does not require nor recommend NACES listed service members be used. There is no “official” organization or regulatory body for foreign credential interpretation or evaluation methodology in the US. It is based on commonly-developed and agreed standards of good practice.

All fees submitted are non-refundable


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