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Educator Preparation Program Scorecards

///Educator Preparation Program Scorecards
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Raising the bar for the teaching profession means becoming more selective with incoming candidates and more rigorous, differentiated training. Educator Prep Programs are a crucial part of the ecosystem responsible for the quality of our teachers and therefore, our students’ education. The data reflected on the Educator Preparation Programs Scorecards will create transparency and urgency to raise the standard of preparation for our incoming educators, and will benefit districts, educator prep programs themselves, and most importantly, our students. Click on the links below to see details about each of the educator preparation programs in New Mexico.

How Is The Overall Rating Measured?

Domain Total Points What We Measure
Admissions 27 This domain assesses the EPP’s ability to attract a diverse and academically prepared pool of candidates.
Candidate Promise 18 This domain assesses the EPP’s ability to develop candidates who demonstrate competence while enrolled in the program.
Hiring and Retention 27 This domain assesses the degree to which the graduates of the EPP are able to secure jobs in education in New Mexico, meet the needs of the state, and persist in the profession.
Graduate Performance 108 This domain assesses the EPP based on their completers’ performance in the state’s classrooms.

Performance Categories for Ed Prep


The New Mexico Educator Preparation Program Scorecard provides prospective New Mexico teachers, local education agencies and educator preparation programs (EPPS) with the opportunity to learn more about how the EPPS are preparing teachers.

The goal of these scorecards is to improve the quality and transparency of educator preparation in New Mexico as the EPP scorecard evaluates the effectiveness of EPPs throughout the state.

To determine an EPP’s final classification, the educator preparation program was evaluated on admission facts, candidate facts, the hiring and retention of its graduates, and the performance of the program’s graduates in the teaching field.

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