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2022 Bill Analysis 2023-01-31T09:19:28-07:00

House Bills

HB13/aHEC: Teacher Residency Changes (2/3/22)

HB43: Charter School Facility Improvements (2/3/22)

HB57/aHEC: 2023 School Transportation Distributions (2/2/22)

HB59: School Group Insurance Contributions (Corrected – 1/21/22)

HB60/aHAFC/aSEC: Native American Language Certificate Salaries (2/15/22)

HB68/HJCS: Criminal Code Changes (2/11/22)

HB73/aHEC: Educational Retirees Returning to Work (2/2/22)

HB87/aHEC/aHAFC: Indian Education Fund Distributions (2/10/22)

HB88/aHAFC: Yazzie Lawsuit Appropriations (2/10/22)

HB89: Tribal Educational Resource Projects (1/20/22)

HB119: Adjust Certain School Distributions (1/25/22)

HB122/HECS: School Cybersecurity Program (2/9/22)

HB132: Interest Rates for Certain Loans (1/28/22)

*HB142: Protective Personal Equipment for Schools (1/28/22)

*HB157: Surrender of Infants (2/2/22)

HB159: College & Career Readiness Programs (2/1/22)

HB165/aHEC/aHAFC: Web-Based Native American Student Tool (2/11/22)

HB166/aHAFC: Web-Based At-Risk Student Resource Tool (2/11/22)

HB184: School Micro-Credential Project (2/4/22)

HB193/aHGEIC: School Personnel Background Checks (2/14/22)

Senate Bills

SB1: Increasing Salary for Licensed Teachers (1/20/22)

SB32: Outdoor Learning Program Funding (1/21/22)

SB36: Contributions to Educational Retirement Fund (1/24/22)

SB42/STBTCS: Utility Easements for Broadband Act (2/11/22)

SB58: Increase School Nurses (1/21/22)

SB67: Expand School Based Health Clinics (1/27/22)

SB75: Limit School Admin Expenditures (1/28/22)

SB101: School Group Insurance Contributions (1/25/22)

SB110: School Bus Driver Compensation (1/28/22)

SB112: Retiree Health Care Fund Contributions (1/28/22)

SB125/aSFC: State Employee Minimum Wage (2/11/22)

SB132: Educational Assistant Minimum Salary (Corrected – 1/27/22)

SB165: Enhance Certain Summer & Out-of-School Programs (1/31/22)

SB172: Retirees Returning to Work (1/31/22)

SB195: Statewide Media Literacy School Program (2/3/22)

SB209: Northern NM Youth Media Programs (2/3/22)

SB243: Family Income Index Distribution Uses (2/8/22)

Joint Resolutions

HJR11: Expanding Options for Educational Choice, CA (1/28/22)

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