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NM REGISTER XXVIII, ISSUE 14 2018-08-30T14:24:00-06:00

The following rule changes were published in the NM Register XXVIII, Issue 14 –  published July 25, 2017. 


6.80.5: Charter School Governing Body Training Requirements

Description: Requires that local superintendents consider the effectiveness rating from NMTEACH when determining whether a teacher has had successful evaluations. With this rule change, a teacher may submit a local superintendent’s determination of successful evaluations in support of an application for advancement. Local superintendent determinations of evaluations will continue to be considered when a teacher applies for renewal of a license. Effective 7/25/2017. General Provisions

Description: Requires that a training program for a charter school governing body or for a new board member of the New Mexico School Boards Association will align with all statutory and regulatory requirements.  Effective 7/25/2017. Charter School Application and Appeal Requirements

Description: Establishes requirements for charter school governing body training.  Effective 7/25/2017.

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