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NM REGISTER XXVIII, ISSUE 15 2021-09-30T06:41:34-06:00

The following rule changes were published in the NM Register XXVIII, Issue 15 –  published August 15, 2017. 

6.69.2: Unsatisfactory Work Performance of Certified (Licensed) School Personnel

Description: Clarifies the process and procedures relating to the supervision and correction of unsatisfactory work performance of license school personnel prior to the notice of intent to discharge or request to suspend. Effective 8/15/2017. 

6.69.8: Teacher and School Leader Effectiveness

Description: Adjusts the weight of the measures in the Effectiveness Evaluation Systems in NMTEACH.  Additionally includes process implementation for principal observations.  Effective 8/15/2017. 

6.60.6: Continuing Licensure for Licensed Educators in New Mexico

Description: Requires that local superintendents consider the effectiveness rating from NMTEACH when determining whether a teacher has had successful evaluation. A teacher may submit a local superintendent’s determination of successful evaluation in support of an application for advancement.  Local superintendent determinations of evaluations will continue to be considered when a teacher applies for renewal of a license.  Effective 8/15/2017. 

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