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Rulemaking Concise Explanatory Statements

Rulemaking Concise Explanatory Statements 2022-11-17T16:08:53-07:00

Below you will find the Public Education Department’s rulemaking concise explanatory statements for recently adopted rules.

NM Register XXXIII, Issue 22

6.63.18 NMAC, Licensure for School Behavioral Health Counselors, Grades Pre K-12

NM Register XXXIII, Issue 18

6.63.11 NMAC, Licensure in Rehabilitation Counseling, Grades Pre K-12

NM Register XXXIII, Issue 10 NMAC, Standards for Excellence – General Provisions

6.30.6 NMAC, Suspension of Authority of a Local School Board

6.60.11 NMAC, Program for School District Personnel, School Volunteers, and Contractors

NM Register XXXIII, Issue 7

6.64.3 NMAC, Competencies for Entry-Level Reading Teachers

NM Register XXXIII, Issue 4

6.29.11 NMAC, Social Studies

NM Register XXXII, Issue 24

6.64.20 NMAC, Competencies for Secondary Computer Science Teachers

NM Register XXXII, Issue 23

6.64.11 NMAC, TESOL Competencies

NM Register XXXII, Issue 19

6.12.15 NMAC, COVID-19 School Requirements

NM Register XXXII, Issue 18

6.30.12 NMAC, K-5 Plus Schools

NM Register XXXII, Issue 15

6.30.15 NMAC, Community Schools

NM Register XXXII, Issue 11

6.65.3 NMAC, Educator Preparation Program Accountability

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