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Achieve Excellence

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Achieve Excellence (AE) is a one-year program aimed at supporting and empowering New Mexico’s early career and alternative licensure teachers as they work to improve instruction and dramatically increase student outcomes in their schools.

Achieve Excellence is…

Focused on building teacher skill and capacity in New Mexico’s schools

Multilayered professional learning and coaching for early career and alternative licensure teachers

With the support of the district, a performance coach, and peers within the cadre, each teacher works to assess strengths and areas for development within their teaching.

Project Structure

Participants in the program engage in three days of focused, professional learning, meet once a month with a performance coach, participate in collaborative discussions with cadre members, and use a Teacher Learning Plan (TLP) for meaningful, differentiated growth. Throughout the process, the teacher builds a repertoire of practices and strategies to improve lesson design, classroom culture, and instruction.

The Theory of Action that underpins Achieve Excellence follows

If the New Mexico Public Education Department (NM PED) provides targeted professional development to early career and alternative licensure teachers, then AE teachers will have the opportunity to improve lesson design and execution, classroom management, use of data, and collaboration.

If Local Education Agencies (LEAs) provide individualized performance coaching tied to a Teacher Learning Plan (TLP), then AE teachers will have the opportunity to develop in the domains of preparation and planning, creating an environment for learning, teaching and learning, and professionalism.

If AE teachers improve their instructional practices, then student learning and other indicators of student success.

Selection Process and Timeline

  1. By 5:00 pm on Friday, June 21, 2019: Prospective LEAs complete AE applications that are available on the Priority Schools Bureau’s website and submit to Achieve Excellence Application 2019. Note: LEAs may submit multiple, proposed cadres of 3-6 early career or alternative licensure teachers for consideration based on current staffing and projected hiring.
  2. Mid-July 2019: LEAs informed of AE cadre decisions.
  3. By Wednesday, August 21, 2019: LEAs finalize list of cadre participants and internal performance coaches—to included names, grades, subjects, and licensure statuses.
  4. Mid-September 2019: LEA leaders, internal performance coaches, and cadre members attend a regional convening.

NM PED Priority Schools Bureau Contact

K. Celeste Murray
School Improvement Specialist
Achieve Excellence Program Manager
(505) 827-6635
Hannah Peria
Deputy Director
(505) 470-4749
Elisabeth Nixon Peterson
(505) 827-7354

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