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Resources for Districts and Schools

///Resources for Districts and Schools
Resources for Districts and Schools 2018-11-27T15:37:38-07:00

2018 Spring Budget Conference District DASH Presentation

District Readiness to Support School Turnaround

7 Turnaround Principles

NM Classroom Walkthrough

The Classroom Walkthrough provides formative assessment data that answers the question, “How are we doing?” in regards to the implementation of teaching and learning. Examining and analyzing this data is a key practice of continuous school improvement. The NM Classroom Walkthrough provides a structure for consistent expectations across the district while allowing schools to address individual needs.

The Center for School Turnaround

The Center on School Turnaround (Center) is part of a federal network of 15 Regional Comprehensive Centers, serving individual states or clusters of states, and seven national Content Centers. The 22 Comprehensive Centers are charged with building the capacity of state educational agencies (SEAs) to assist districts and schools in meeting student achievement goals.
The partners and collaborators in this Center—WestEd, the Academic Development Institute, the University of Virginia’s Darden/Curry Partnership for Leaders in Education, the National Implementation Research Network, Public Impact, the National Center on Time and Learning, Education Northwest, and a panel of nationally known education experts—strongly believe that efforts to turn around the nation’s persistently low-achieving schools can move from a system that focuses on islands of excellence to the “way we do business” in the United States.

Suggested Readings

Suggested Books

  • Leverage Leadership: A Practical Guide to Building Exceptional Schools
  • Driven by Data: A Practical Guide to Improve Instruction
  • Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard
  • Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
  • Lift: Becoming a Positive Force in Any Situation
  • Visible Learning: A Synthesis of Over 800 Meta-Analyses Relating to Achievement
  • Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning
  • How to Teach Thinking Skills Within the Common Core
  • Literacy Coaching: The Essentials
  • THINK BIG, Start Small
  • The Leadership Challenge, 4th edition
  • Motion Leadership: The Skinny on Becoming Change Savvy
  • Text Complexity: Raising Rigor in Reading
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