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Free Resources 2024-07-12T16:36:43-06:00

This page is chock full of free resources about restorative justice in education. From books to blogs to TED Talks, if you aren’t already, you’re sure to become a true believer in this amazing practice that has the power to change our world.

Helpful Resources


Brain Science

Conflict Management & Conflict Resolution

Culturally Responsive Restorative Practices

Culture & Climate

Restorative Justice vs. Restorative Practices

Emotions & Mood


Punitive & Exclusionary Discipline


Restorative Justice Practices

Restorative Language

Restorative Justice Outside of the School Environment

Support around Suicide

Understanding Trauma

Trauma-Informed, Trauma-Responsive & Trauma-Sensitive Education

Could This Be the Answer?

All of the resources on this page are insightful and create compelling arguments for implementing restorative practices in our schools and communities. Perhaps you could begin with these.

Page last updated July 12, 2024