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Resources From State Guidance Manual

The Additional Resources document is structured using the 10 key RtI components and is organized by appropriate tiers for each resource.

Ten Key RTI Components

  • High-Quality Classroom Instruction
  • High Expectations
  • Assessments and Data Collection
  • Problem-Solving Systems Approach
  • Research-Based Interventions

  • Positive Behavioral Support
  • Fidelity of Program Implementation
  • Staff Development and Collaboration
  • Parent and Family Involvement
  • Disability Determination

The entire guidance manual is available here.

Sample Forms

These are NOT state mandated documents, but merely a collection of sample documents used by some districts in New Mexico.

School Student Assistance Teams are not limited to only use Sample A or Sample B forms. It is suggested that educators explore all sample documents to utilize the forms that best fit the school’s and students’ needs. SAT members are encouraged to modify documents as they feel necessary, for example, incorporating the school’s logo, contact information, etc.

Page last updated October 21, 2019