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School Liaisons are classroom-level educators – one representative from each of our 859 schools across the state – who come together to develop leadership skills, learn about PED areas of focus and serve as a liaison when peers have questions about PED initiatives and programming. Liaisons are members of the New Mexico Teacher Leader Network (NMTLN), which also includes members and alumni of our various leadership programs. Our NMTLN teachers are solutions-oriented educators who want to make an impact for their school community.

What does a School Liaison do?

  • REGIONAL MEETINGS: School Liaisons connect with participants in their region twice a year for after-school meetings. The purpose is to collaborate with educators and parents from across the region, learn about and discuss what is happening in other school districts and communities, as well as learn about PED updates and give feedback about state initiatives.
  • MONTHLY WEBINARS: School Liaisons participate in monthly webinars about PED programming. This offers an opportunity for educators to learn about state initiatives, as well as ask questions of PED experts on topics relevant to classroom instruction.
  • COMMUNICATION: School Liaisons receive a weekly newsletter with information and opportunities and are asked to share the information with other educators at their school. Liaisons have direct access to the PED Teacher Liaison for questions and to offer feedback from their colleagues.

What are the benefits of participating?

Participants gain a unique community of support through the NMTLN, with opportunities to network with like-minded professionals, community stakeholders, and PED staff. By participating as a School Liaison, educators will gain expertise and skills that will prepare them for more teacher leadership roles.

How can teachers participate?

School principals can submit the name of a teacher who will take on the School Liaison role for their school. Please use this form to get started.

New Mexico Public Education Department School Liaisons

Please use this list to see if your school already has a School Liaison in place. The list is updated regularly. If you see an error or omission, please email the PED Teacher Liaison:

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