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Free Academic Support for Prek-8 Grade Students

As part of ongoing investments to strengthen New Mexico’s public education system, New Mexico Public Education Department has partnered with Paper, a virtual tutoring company, to provide free access to high-quality academic support for all PreK-8 students who attend Title I schools.

What is Included in This Tutoring Service?

Each student that enrolls in this free service will receive 20 hours of customized academic support that includes:

  • One on one live-chat tutoring sessions with tutors available in English and Spanish
  • Expert review on written work such as essays, creative writing and lab reports.
  • Access to educational resources and activities to help you support your student(s) at home
  • Interactive shows and activities to expand learning beyond the classroom

Paper™ One-Page Brochure

Paper™ One-Page Brochure (Spanish)

How To Get Started

  • Parents and guardians, if you have a child in grades PreK through eighth grade, find out if the school your child attends is a Title I school by checking this list.
  • If your child attends a Title I school and is in a grade from PreK through eighth, then your child is eligible for this service.
  • You can begin the enrollment process on Paper (the tutoring platform) by entering the sign-up form in the blue box below. You will answer 13 questions. (See the tips below the blue box to prepare).
  • If you have multiple children who qualify for this service, you will go through this process for each of them.

Enroll below!

Sign Up Tips

  • You will be creating your child’s login and password so keep a pen and paper handy to take notes and keep track of the logins and password.
  • Gather and have this information handy when you are ready to sign-up:
    • Your (parent or guardian’s) email address
    • Your student’s first and last name on record with NMPED
    • Your student’s grade level
    • Your student’s email address
      • Each student you are enrolling must have an email address to use. (The same email address cannot be used for multiple students).
      • This email address should be the email provided by your student’s district or school, if one has been provided.
      • If no email is provided by your district or school, this should be an email address unique to your student if your student is old enough to have their own email address.
      • A parent’s or guardian’s email address may be used for the student if the student does not have one of their own or is too young to have an email address. However, if you have multiple students, a different email address must be used for each student.

After you have completed enrollment form there will be a verification process. The parent and student will each receive an email from Paper within 48 hours to complete the process. This email will include student login information.

When your child is ready, you and child can start by going to the platform and following this navigation guide in English or Spanish (Español). This guide will walk you through the functions and show you how to begin using the services such a live chat with the tutor, submitting written work for feedback, collaborating with the tutor in whiteboard (a digital chalkboard) and signing up for the live and interactive educational shows.

It is customized support.

It serves students efficiently and immediately, meaning students can get help once they are having trouble and need additional academic support so they don’t fall behind or if they would like to advance or master an academic area.

All students, including those in good academic standing, can benefit by taking advantage of the supplemental resources and interactive activities.

It is convenient. Since this academic support will be delivered virtually, it can be scheduled before, after or during school.

It is high-quality and high-dosage academic support that comes at no charge to families. This is the same type of tutoring services used by parents, families and schools across the country, but in New Mexico, PED is covering the expenses for students who attend Title 1 schools. You don’t need to worry about costs or payments.

There is no limit per family. If you have multiple children in grades PreK through eighth enrolled at Title I schools, they may each participate.

It is part of ongoing efforts to strengthen New Mexico’s public education system. This investment in supplemental high-quality tutoring will work in conjunction with existing programs and academic interventions at the school and district level while providing New Mexico families with an additional tutoring option. The tutoring program will build on investments in education proving to be effective across the state, including extended learning time, comprehensive after-school and summer enrichment programs and the implementation of structured literacy programs in New Mexico elementary schools.

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