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The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was signed into law December 10, 2015 replacing No Child Left Behind and the waiver system. ESSA is the national education law that reinforces the longstanding commitment to ensuring equal opportunity for all students. The ESSA provides New Mexico with a long-term stability that holds states, local school systems and schools accountable for results while encouraging them to be innovative in their work. New Mexico is well-positioned to transition to meet the law’s new expectations. Under the new law, New Mexico will continue to focus on many of the same areas including efforts to build upon our student-focused accountability system and provide our educators with the support and training they need.

NMPED Thanks You!

  • PED has been traveling throughout the state listening to educators, parents, district and community leaders gathering feedback and ensuring the goals for our public education system are reflective of the community we serve.
  • PED engaged a diverse group of stakeholders in the development of their ESSA state plan.
  • PED and New Mexico First held 25 community and parent events reach approximately 663 participants.
  • PED visited 21 schools and hosted a teacher summit engaging approximately 700 teachers.
  • PED met with 50 Tribal leaders and Tribal representatives at the Government to Government meeting to discuss how to better support Native students.
  • PED utilized webinars, conference calls, and in-person visits to engage school board members, school leaders, community leaders, Title I and Title III Directors.
  • 414 people responded to the New Mexico First survey in English and Spanish.
  • PED staff traveled across the state to six communities covering 1,681 miles.
  • PED developed four working groups to address school grades, graduation requirements, supports for ELL students and overall transition.

NMPED ESSA Infographic containing text found on this page.

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