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New Mexico Public Education Department Announces Recipients of the Teacher Residency Pilot RFA

/New Mexico Public Education Department Announces Recipients of the Teacher Residency Pilot RFA

SANTA FE, NM – On Tuesday, July 23rd, the New Mexico Public Education Department announced funding recipients for new educator preparation programs in New Mexico, helping four teacher education programs support new educators through residency models addressing diversity and quality, while prioritizing the needs of districts with large English-language-learner and Native American populations. 

The four programs receiving the funds, which were appropriated through House Bill 2, are Western New Mexico University, Central New Mexico Community College (CNM), San Juan College (SJC) and Northern New Mexico College. 

In accordance with the RFA guidelines, applicants were asked to submit a narrative explaining how they will create a supportive residency model that provides a clear plan on how residents and master teachers will be selected and supported.

Western New Mexico University will receive $500,000 to establish a residency program that leverages existing Level III master teachers and local district teacher mentors who provide mentor training in the classroom.  They will be establishing teacher/protégé partnerships in the school districts of Deming Public Schools, Silver Consolidated Schools, Cobre Consolidated School District, Lordsburg Municipal Schools and Truth or Consequences Public Schools. Western New Mexico University will use the funds to focus on rural teacher retention and the efficient use of scarce education resources typical of rural school systems.

Central New Mexico Community College will receive $156,257 to collaborate with Albuquerque Public Schools and the Albuquerque Teacher Federation to establish an intentional, sheltered training framework with high-quality mentoring and student teaching/co-teaching support. Central New Mexico Community College’s program will ensure success by providing a side-by-side experience of 15 months of rigorous post-baccalaureate academic coursework for special education licensure, including two years of mentor support. An integral piece of CNM’s program is the necessary preparation of teacher candidates to successfully support and work with culturally and linguistically diverse students.

San Juan College will receive $151,632 to work with the districts of Aztec, Bloomfield, Central Consolidated and Farmington to establish 16 residency sites in Northwestern New Mexico. San Juan College’s residency model will use the consortium of four partner districts which have each identified the Native American and English-language-learner-serving school sites of greatest need. San Juan’s candidates who commit to teaching at one of these sites for three years will be fully funded for their complete program (tuition, fees, and books). Their coursework and first year of teaching will be supplemented and nurtured through professional development and regular on-site mentoring, which are tailored to develop culturally responsive pedagogy and meet the needs of English language learners. SJC will provide a regional common ground for teacher training specific to the unique populations of the area.

Northern New Mexico College will receive $191,101 to support the development of a residency model program that creates a strong university-district-agency partnership between the College of Education at Northern New Mexico College, Española Public Schools and the Jicarilla Apache Department of Education. The residency program will address the need to recruit, train and retain quality teachers and teacher candidates in Northern New Mexico communities that serve large numbers of Native American and English-language-learner students. Through the creation and implementation of a model lab school, Northern New Mexico will use the funds to train teacher candidates in high-quality pedagogical knowledge and community-based sensitivity awareness, and develop a pipeline of teacher candidates in Northern New Mexico.

These four schools were selected by a panel of education stakeholders. The Department received 11 applications and the panel was impressed by the work of all applicants. The Department is grateful to the Legislature for the funding for this residency pilot.

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