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Future Ready

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Future Ready was chosen by the Digital Equity Advisory Council as the Digital Equity Technology Plan framework. The research-based framework emphasizes collaborative leadership and creating an innovative school culture. All content focuses on seven key areas (called gears), plus leadership, each of which is addressed during the comprehensive planning process. This framework keeps student learning at the heart of all decision-making.

Teams that complete the cohort will experience unique outcomes based on the team’s goals set at the beginning of the program. However, we anticipate those teams that finish the program may leave with some of the following:

  • An evidence-based digital equity action plan for focused on innovation and sustainability
  • A “launch point” for next level work in your district on digital equity
  • Professional learning protocols to encourage and inspire innovative digital learning instructional models, frameworks, or strategies
  • A collection of ideas shared and discussed during the cohort to benefit your school system
  • A board presentation template explaining the district’s goals for digital equity – advancing innovation, excellence, and sustainability
  • Demonstrate to the community and legislators the need to support digital equity

Future Ready Digital Equity Tech Plans will align with the three pillars of the new National Educational Technology Plan and New Mexico State Statute guidelines for Digital Equity Tech Plans.

For more information, please contact:
John Chadwick, Ed.D.
Digital Equity Coordinator

Future Ready Framework

Future Ready Connecticut Cohort Video (Example)

Presentation Slides

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