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New Mexico Content Standards

New Mexico Content Standards 2022-07-19T20:04:41-06:00

English Language Development & Spanish Language Development

English Language Arts (ELA) & Spanish Language Arts (SLA)

K-12 ELA Common Core State Standards

*New Mexico adopted an additional 15% of state-specific standards in ELA which focus on cultural responsiveness. Read these standards here.

K-12 ELA Essential Elements for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities

New Mexico Language Arts Instructional Scope

New Mexico Mathematics Instructional Scope

Career and Technical Education

World-Readiness Standards For Learning Languages (WRS)

Physical Education

Health Education

New Mexico Science Instructional Scope

Computer Science

New Mexico Social Studies Instructional Scope

Visual & Performing Arts

Other Resources

NMAC Title 6 Primary and Secondary Education | Chapter 29 Standards for Excellence

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