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Administrative Services

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The Administrative Services Division (ASD) is responsible for providing fiscal support and guidance to all programs and bureaus within the Department. We offer central direction to ensure consistent compliance with the initiatives of the Department as well as state and federal regulatory requirements.   ASD consists of the following bureaus:

Accounting & Audit

Accounting monitors the Departments accounts. The bureau ensures all financial transactions are in compliance with state and federal laws.  Audit monitors and reviews school district and charter school federal and state compliance laws, rules and regulations.


The budget bureau is responsible for overseeing and administering the Departments budget. The bureau provides support to all bureaus and programs within the Department.  

Fiscal Grants Management

Fiscal grants management bureau processes payments and distributions to school districts and charter schools throughout the State of New Mexico. The Bureau offers support to ensure schools are afforded reimbursement for expenditures that are in compliance with federal and state regulatory requirements.

Human Resources

Human resources bureau provides support to employees within the Department. The bureau ensures that the employees are afforded their rights and responsibilities of employment and ensure the Department is in compliance with the State of New Mexico State Personnel Office (SPO) rules and regulations.


The purchasing bureau is consists of contracts and accounts payable and is responsible for ensuring the Departments compliance with the New Mexico Procurement Code. Accounts Payable processes payments on behalf of the Department while contracts is responsible for professional services contracts, general services contracts, and inter-governmental agreements entered with Department.

For Information on RFP’s, RFA’s, and RFI’s, visit here: RFP/RFA/RFI.

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