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Trainings Offered 2020-09-29T11:16:40-06:00

Training Sessions Available

Due to the community spread potential of COVID-19 and in light of orders by the Governor, NMPED and partners are exercising precautions by continuing to work remotely at this time.

Trainings will continue to be held online via virtual training sessions until further notice.

The Charter Schools Division (Options for Parents and Families Division) hosts four (4) types of training: Governing Board Training, New Application Training, Renewal Application Training, and Implementation Year Training. All are open to the public and anyone can attend. The classes are offered free of charge.

1. Governing Board Training Session Schedule (PDF)   (PCSNM offers on-demand trainings, to cover the 8 hours of continuing governing board member training requirements.  To register for PED/CSD trainings please email, be sure to include the name of the school you are affiliated with.

      • The New Governing Board Member training is required of all new governing board members during the fiscal year in which they are designated, for a total of 10 hours, as outlined in NMAC 6.80.5. It includes two hours of Ethics and Responsibilities, one hour of Fiscal Requirements, one hour of Understanding Academic Data, one hour of Open Government, one hour of Legal and Organizational Framework training, and one hour of training on Equity and Culturally & Linguistically Responsive practices, plus three elective hours in any area. Administrators and other charter school leaders are also welcome. To inquire about the New Governing Board Member On Demand Training, please email: Please be sure to include the name of the school board that you are affiliated with.
      • Continuing board members must complete 8 hours of training each fiscal year as outlined in NMAC 6.80.5. At this time, training is offered virtual by both the Charter Schools Division and other approved vendors*. Topics covered include Governing Body Ethics and Responsibilities, Open Government, Fiscal Requirements, Understanding Academic Data, Legal and Organizational Performance, and Culturally & Linguistically Responsive Practices.
      • Virtual Training Sessions New series beginning in August 2020 wherein a continuing governing board will be able to complete their 8 required hours of training throughout the course of the regular school year. New members may select any 3 different virtual sessions to attend to complete their final 3 required hours of training. All available sessions are listed on the above “Governing Board Training Sessions” link.
      • PLEASE review attached GB Training Sessions Schedule PDF (above). Sessions are now available for the 2020-2021 school year. For inquiries or to register for any of these trainings, please email
        * Please note that third-party providers may charge a fee for their classes. Regarding the free offerings by CSD, please be aware that we must have at least five participants to offer each course. Notice of cancellation, if necessary, will be given 48 hours in advance of the course.
  1. New Application training is designed for teams that have submitted a Notice of Intent in January and intend to submit an application for a new charter school (to open in 2021-2022) by June 1st. This training will prepare candidates for the application submission process.  Please register for these trainings at
  2. Renewal Application Training is intended for schools whose contracts expire at the end of the next school year (June 30, 2021). The school should begin preparing parts of the renewal packet no later than Spring of the prior school year and completed packets are due by October 1st. Please register for these trainings at
  3. Implementation Year training is to assist schools that are in their planning year (i.e., their application was approved but they have not yet been approved to commence operations by the PEC). The participants learn about and work on the school policies, procedures, legal requirements, etc. in order to complete all the tasks necessary to open a school. There are three submission deadline dates (November, March, and May) and a checklist of items that must be completed by those dates.  These are mandatory for all PEC-approved applicant schools.

Become an approved Governing Board Training Provider

To apply to become an approved provider for a charter school governing body training, please use the application, rubric, and guidance below. Applications must be submitted by email to For questions about the application or application processing please use the same email address.

Page last updated September 29, 2020