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The New Mexico Public Education Department’s Options for Parents & Families Division supports a full range of educational options for New Mexico’s families. In addition to traditional public schools, public charter schools, online public schools, and non-public schools, home schooling has long been a legal choice in our state.

Definition of “Home School”

In New Mexico statute, “home school” is defined as:

“the operation by the parent of a school-age person of a home study program of instruction that provides a basic academic educational program, including reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies and science;”

                                                                                       Section 22-1-2(E) NMSA 1978

Legal Requirements

According to state law,

“Any person operating or intending to operate a home school shall:

A. submit a home school registration form made available by the department and posted on the department’s web site to notify the department within thirty days of the establishment of the home school and to notify the department on or before August 1 of each subsequent year of operation of the home school;

B. maintain records of student disease immunization or a waiver of that requirement; and

C. provide instruction by a person possessing at least a high school diploma or its equivalent.

                                                                                   Section 22-1-2.1 NMSA 1978

Notifying the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) of Your Intent to Home School

There are two ways to notify the NMPED of your intent to operate a home school:

  1. Register through our online database, the NMPED Home School System 
  2. Send a paper Notification of a Home School form to the NMPED.

Please Note:

  • Assumption of Responsibility: By notifying the NMPED of their intent to operate a home school, parents/guardians assume the full responsibility for educating their students, including the selection and purchase of grade-appropriate educational materials. NMPED employees do not endorse specific programs, materials, or services.
  • Record Keeping: Though not a legal requirement, home school operators are encouraged to maintain thorough and accurate records of their notifications of enrollment, instructional hours, and educational materials, and to keep portfolios of student work. These records will aid students who transfer to a traditional school or who pursue post-secondary education or training.
  • Online Public Schools: Students attending online public schools in New Mexico are not considered to be home school students.

Information and Assistance:

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